About Us
What is Fifty-Fifty?

"Fifty-Fifty" is a specialty brand which opened on Xmas 2023, focusing on gluten-free processed foods, and beverages.
By curating products and information related to gluten-free options from both domestic and international sources, we aim to broaden your choices for a healthier eating lifestyle.

Brand Story
Brand Story

If you cannot consume foods and beverages that contain gluten, your dietary options are always limited. Particularly during events like dining out, traveling, parties, and festivals, since you cannot eat foods that contain gluten, you are always anxious and hesitantly checking your food while searching for food. However, you couldn't check properly or there was nothing to eat. . .It's common for you to not be able to eat the same food as your friends.

Fifty-Fifty is a brand which uses the power of business to expand your options and release limitations. Changing the world where choices are expanding, we believe that living more freely and actively depends on your own knowledge and actions, as well as the support of those around you.

We, who provide products and information, and you, who utilize them, need knowledge, action, and growth in order to release restrictions. We chose the brand name because we wanted to work hard together and create a bright life together.

Brand Statement
Mission, Vision, and Value

Release restrictions and expand the range of customer activities with products and information.

To be the most beloved specialist brand for gluten-free processed foods, and beverages in Japan.

・Mutual benefit for all
We strive for a positive outcome that benefits everyone involved – manufacturers, Fifty-Fifty, consumers, and society as a whole.

・Fall down seven times, stand up eight times
We welcome positive failures and continue to grow every day through many trials and errors.

・High Quality & Pop
Keep the quality high and make the output pop and fun.

Profile of Business Development Officer

Tomoaki Ariga

[Work history]
・Door-to-door sales of cosmetic products, and support for agents in the beauty industry.
・Import and export of raw materials for pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, and supplements, along with business development, sales, and quality assurance.
・New business development, focusing on OEM services for supplements.
・Consulting services for pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, and supplements.

[Food allergy]
Soba. The eldest daughter and the second daughter have different food allergies, and the second daughter is severe barley, gluten allergy.

[Overseas experience]
Lived in Milan for 2 years with his family. Has traveled extensively throughout the world.

[Training history]
・Coeliac Australia member, completed Gluten Free Online Training for Food Providers
・Completed the Food Hygiene Manager Training Course
・Completed training for liquor sales managers

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